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tv   FOX 35 News at 10PM  FOX  March 19, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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(vo) you can check on them. you can worry about them. you can even choose a car for them. (mom) honey, are you ok? (child) i'm ok.
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(mom) we're ok. (announcer vo) it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. >> now on fox 35 news. >> a close eye on more rain for the overnight, i'm tracking it all for you next. >> breaking news a shooting involving teenagers inside this apopka home. what we've just learned from investigates at the scene. >> a rolling road block coming soon to i-4. the traffic alert that could impact the busy commute. >> and a close call this weekend between a drone and a jumbo jet. fox 35 news starts right now. >> right now on fox 35 news at 10. >> and we start with breaking news from orange county. a murder investigation involving teenagers at an apopka home. police tell fox 35 a 15 year old girl is dead and a 16 year old suspect is now under arrest. >> the shooting happened before 1:00 p.m. this afternoon, investigates were called out to
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kate burgis is live in the neighborhood tonight. kate. >> and, guys, crime scene investigates have been out here for about nine hours. if you take a look behind me, it a little ways down this hill you can see they are still out here, going in and out of this house on scheeler hill's drive. we do believe that they are getting very close to wrapping up their investigation. they just took down a set of crime scene tape that was up here behind us about 10 minutes ago. police on scene very investigation. we did just learn, though, that 15 year old girl was found shot here earlier today. reports of gun shots brought apopka police to this house scheeler hills drive. when they got here, cops called the joint homicide task force after finding 15 year old destiny bardman shot to death. neighbors just getting home from chuch stunned to find crime home.
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cars and the house was blocked off with yl yellow tape. >> detectives believe a 16 year old shot bardman. they say that teen has been arrested and charged, but police aren't saying who it is until the teen's family is told. now, neighbors tell me that family had just moved into that house a few months ago. the kids who lived there always biking around the front of the house. but right now it's not clear whether either of those teens actually lived there. we're live in apopka, kate burgis, fox 35 news. >> thank you, kate. fox 35 authority weather authority now plenty of rain soaking central florida today. and that made things challenging challenging for drivers. avenue. lanes were blocked for a short time but have since reopened. gulf fans t at the arnold palm nr vtation needed their golf
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earlier in the day. we are continuing toolt track more showers tonight. >> you tweeted something today at the golf for sunday ameer fantd eas, is that what it was? >> j would call it that a. i retweeted it a mere fantasy. >> maybe play a video consul or nintendo where it's nice and dry. other side of this pollen count gets slice in half because of all this rain so that welcomed news as well. a lot of people out there suffering, and i can attest to that myself. let's talk about that rain. good evening, everyone, here just after 10:00 p.m., watching an area now showers gelling up over the eastern gulf of mexico. not a big deal at this time. what we're going to see, though, on either side of this front is so. we'll hear a rumble of thunder, maybe eve an quick flash of lightning, but mainly showery
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for the remainder of tonight, spotty showers, light rain as we cross over into sunday, 12:00 a.m., it looks like we'll have, um, i wouldn't call it a lull, but very spotty activity. then by 2:00 a.m., that cluster of activity over the eastern gulf begins to creep on store so a distinct rise in rain chance from 2:00 a.m. all the way through the mid and latter portion of the morning hours. we could have a couple of spots of rainy weather into thepm. chance tomorrow at 60%, we'll write it off and say bye to the rain and fantastic weather if you like f. highs will be in the 60s during that time. 60s and low end 70s for you currently u right now. the short-lived cool front, looks like florida cold here today, gone tomorrow literally as we get into early next week with 80s returning by mid-week. >> of course you can track the weather 24/7 by downloading our free fox 35 weather app.
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play store, or text iphone or android to 87057. orlando police are investigating a shooting that left one man in the hospital. happened this morning at around 11 at the palm grove apartments just east of pine hills. orlando police say a man shot another man outside of the department and then just took off. witnesses say the suspect drove off in a burgundy 4-door chevy impala with stock rims and very dark-tinted windows. tonight a 17 year old is charged with killing a 15 year old boy. ininvestigates say it stemmed from a drug deal. michael anderson face as charge of second degree murder in the death of antoine davis. davis' funeral was held today. the suspect's girlfriend is facing charges of being an accessory to murder and tampering with evidence. authorities must decide if anderson will be charged as an adult. andrea jackson reports. >> 17 year old michael anderson making his first appearance in
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along side his father, david anderson. >> will spend the next 21 days behind bars. during that time, the state attorney will decide whether anderson will be tried as an adult. >> we know this won't bee bring antoine back, but we hope this news will bring a measure of comfort to his family as they prepare for his funeral. >> the victim, 15 year old antoine davis, was found on the side walk just before midnight last saturday on lakewood avenue in ocoee with a gun shot wound to his head. he was killed during a drug deal with anderson. anderson's girlfriend 18 year old lindsey shirley is facing charge of being accessory to murder and tampering evidence. she's lr out on bond. >> this arrest lead to additional information, disposing disposing the whereabouts of michael anderson. >> the detective also recognizing the community for
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>> i'll say that the community really did step forward and provide information directly to the investigation. >> andrea jackson, fox 35 news. >> an i-4 ultimate traffic alert, get ready to hit the brakes on i-4 west bound. state troopers will do rolling road blocks starting sunday night from par street to kirkman road. the rolling road blocks will also include temporary closures of west bound i-4 entrance ramps. the shut down will allow crews to face gutterrers over i-4 as they build new bridges at kirkman road. >> we'll start rolling traffic at about 20-miles an hour between par street and the foyer 08. once that traffic gets to the 408 it will drop slower to 10-miles an hour until they get to kirkman road. >> slow downs will happen twice a nice between midnight and 5:00 a.m., sunday through thursday. fhp troopers will reopen each entrance ramp. if you would like to be notified, sign up for traffic
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smart phone, go to to sign up. >> some special veterans are due back at orlando international airport in the next 10 minutes. an honor flight flew 25 vets to d. c. for the day so they could check out the monuments honoring the wars they fought in. dozens of people waiting to welcome those vets back home. orlando international airport is going to be a popular place the next couple of weeks. will be the busiest spring break airport in the nation. today was a big travel day, and next saturday will be more of the same with 156,000 passengers expected per day. with so many people expected, fewer flying out if you are picking someone up allow yourself plenty of time. >> lake eola in downtown orlando
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today. competitors participated in the second annual great rotary swan boat race. >> you can see that they're dressing up and different things, we've got vikings, we've got pirates, so they really have a good time. >> last year, the money raised helped buy a wheelchair accessible swan boat for lake eola. this year proceeds will help support hunger and literacy programs in the orange county public school system. >> a smelly situation in brevard county being called the worst in four years. >> so what's killing all of these fish along this space coast tonight? fox 35 investigates. >> and drone danger, the big scare in the sky this weekend involving a jumbo jet. >> plus, immigration is front and center in the race for the presidency.
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>> new at 10, residents ask visitors to the space coast may smell it before they see it. thousands of dead fish are floating up in the indian river lagoon. and washing up on shore. some are already calling it the worst fish kill in the last four years. lifelong fisherman gary lemon was casting for bait in the banana river when he saw something he'd never seen before. what appeared to be fish gasping for air. >> they looked like they were just sucking for air trying to get on top of the water, trying to get some oxygen. >> in fact, fishermen across the county are reporting the same thing and worse. a massive fish kill. hundreds of carcasses washing up along the shores of cities in north brevard. the fish that are dying are not limited to one species, but many. blue crab, whiting, sheep's
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black drum and speckled trout are all being reported. >> i've never seen it like this. >> the big question is what's causing the fish kill. tests on the water and fish will ultimately you yield the answer. but long-time fishermen suspect a recent bloom of brown tide, an oxygen depleting algae aided in its grown by unseasonably warm winter and high levels of nutrients in the cloudy brown water. >> that would be terrible. it's killing the fishing out here ch the water's usually clear and you can actually see the schools. and you can not see444444444444 water now all you're seeing is the heads pop up, sucking for air. >> last large fish kill in brevard was in 2012. the cause, brown tide. >> a fox 35 news alert now, a suspect in the deadly paris attacks last year is now fighting ex tradition from
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was shot in the foot and captured friday during a massive anti-terror aid in brussels. dramatic footage was taken when he was taken from the apartment and put into the car. discharged from a hospital and formally charged with participation in a terrorist murder. 133 peep yal were killed in the paris terrorist attacks. abdisalam told investigates he wanted to blow himself at the stadium back in november but he backed out at the last minute. now french officials want him to pay for his role in the talks by standing trial in france. investigates are trying to figure out what, if wind sheer, play ad role in a deadly plane crash in rush russia. all 62 people on board a fly duh biplane killed in a crash on the runway. a streak of light followed by a powerful explosion at the airport in russia. the plane was a bowing 737 800
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the air craft made two attempts before it crashed on the runway. it the runway is covered in debris and charred metal over an area more than a half a mile wide. you even see a passenger's shoe. investigates say wind was anywhere between 30 to 50-miles an hour when the plane went downt down. both of the plane flight recorders have been recovered intact. people have started to leave flowers and mementos in memory of the 62 people killed that includes 55 passengers and 7 crew members. >> tomorrow is palm sunday, the start of holy week for christians. most catholics go to church with palm fraunds to signify when used palms to welcome jesus christ to jerusalem. christians believe jesus rose from the dead on easter sunday.
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will celebrate palm sunday mass before thousands of people in st. peters square at the vatican, and speaking of the pope, he is now on instagram. the pontiff posting two pictures coming on the third anniversary of his inauguration as the holy father. if you want to follow him, search for franciscus. the pope has some 30 million followers in nine languages on twitter. tuesday night, a 2-hour live musical called the passion. a contemporary retelling of christ's last hour. the passion stars american idol alum chris daughtry and tell uh novela's jen carlos canella. ailgt p.m., sunday night, right here on fox 35. >> you decide coverage today, protesters in arizona blocked off the streets leading to a donald trump rally then stood on the road chanting slogans and displaying signs, reading dump trump. at one point a tow truck showed up to remove two vehicles from
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lined the street. both donald trump and ted cruz of course were on the campaign trail today. >> this weekend it's all about arizona and utah as voters head to the polls on tuesday. christian fisher reports. [ chanting ] >> instead of grand ole party the gop seems to stand for get out and protest, at least when it comes to rallies for the front runner, donald trump. demonstrators blocking traffic, ground 0 in the immigration debate, and voters in that state go to the polls on tuesday. you gotta vote on tuesday, and we're i mean, the polls are showing great. arizona's great. and i think we're going to do good. i think we're going to do great in utah. >> donald trump's the one doing the protesting when it comes to
10:19 pm
>> did you ever see a guy like this? he had had his shot. he didn't like it when i said he choked like a dog. >> while campaigning in utah, senator ted cruz is keeping his head, but not exactly tipping his cap to donald trump. >> you know, it's easy to talk about making america great again. you could even print that on a baseball cap. [laughter] and you're right, an awful lot of them are made in china. >> as the billionaire businessman continueded to promote the great wall of trump along the mexican border, democratic under dog bernie sandersis condemning what he sees as zenophobic language. >> trump labeling mexicans as rapists repulses all americans of good will. mexico is our neighbor. >> hillary clinton is running ads in arizona saying if she becomes president she will stop deporting parent of children who
10:20 pm
john kasich is campaigning in utah which also has a primary on tuesday. in washington, kristin fish, fox news. [ trump free nyc chant ] >> an anti-donald trump rally escalates in new york city. protesters gathered outside trump's building in manhattan. new york city police did step in and a situation escalated with many protesters getting pepper sprayed. >> we're rallying, we're just making our voices heard. we're letting it be known that there is a huge, um, movement of people who are antifascist, anti-racist who do not with want a biggotted fascist in the white house. >> at least one person was taken away in hand cuffs. trump spoke with fox's shan hannity about the protesters coming out in full force. >> don't even know why they're there. why are you here? uh, the guy goes, um, i don't know. i don't really know, but i'm
10:21 pm
i don't have any comment. you have to see these interviews. you have professional disrupters, but if you look at my rallies other than the one i ended in chicago where nobody was hurt y did the right thring. there you had a couple of disrupters or protesters whatever you want to call them p. i had 25,000 people we were able to stop a lot of them from coming in. when i landed the secret service, the police, everybody said this could be a potential problem. >> you know, i hate to do that. >> you can catch the entire interview with donald trump this monday night on the fox news channel. voters in arizona and utah head to the polls as mentioned in their presidential primary this coming tuesday on march 22. arizona is a big prize since the republican winner takes all 58 delegates. idaho also has their democratic caucus that day. stay with fox 35 news for continuing coverage. tomorrow the president is about to make a historic visit.
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mayor has an important message for the president. >> first, new information tonight about a deadly, small plane crash in tampa. >> and looks like activity down south florida to the keys, miami to the palm beaches could get rough tonight. other side of this front here, increasing energy to the north for central florida, not so much m.
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today and, uh, you know, the ground is moist so we're not in a drought situation. it's been dry for awhile. >> right, dry, dry. the rain very beneficial today helping to moisten things up a little bit more, darryl, and quell the wild fire at least for this time and also managed to slice the pollen count in half at least by tomorrow. let's take a look downtown o-town looking fine this evening, not much going on again, scattered clouds in place with some showers parked off shore here as you go to the west side of the state off to the north and west of our tampa bay. you can see not much intensity to that. it gets pretty intense across south florida, going to the last commercial break. again, not a big deal with this stuff, not looking for severe weather, nothing strong, just beneficial rain drops, a disturbance off to the north west of our state over the northern gulf and it's only going to help to capitalize on a rain threat for us into the overnight hours and it's been a very tricky forecast, this front not moving a lot and the
10:26 pm
north has been rather evident. we're kind of stuck in between two systems but you can see down to the south, very, very vigorous storm activity now just dotting the lower keys now. you can see a lot of them trying to get into key west, marathon, and eventually getting into the coastal waters here off shore, miami, toward the palm beaches perhaps before sun rise tomorrow morning. there's a lot going on there. we here on the northern extension of this and in between the energy increase over the pan handle. i think again a very modest rain threat and then we'll gradually see that rise up 2, 3, 4:00 a.m. and should put us in the range of a 50 to 60 percent type rain chance. i think the rain probably reaching over into the very early afternoon for some of us mainly south of orlando. after that again we wipe the palet clean, so to speak, and return to a cool, and sunny forecast. i mean, cool, a lot cooler than we've been, probably in the 60s for highs as we get into your monday and then a nice rebound attempt, if you like it warmer,
10:27 pm
part of your 7-day forecast, coming up. live, local temps mainly through the 60s now in a lot of areas again a little bit cooler overall, the rain early this afternoon helped helped to quell the temp, keep them down, never really recovered out there. let's talk about this ramp up of rain here between one and 3:00 a.m., we're going to begin to see this next up top. secondary system should begin to sweep on through. just a few lingering showers, clouds remain, but as those north and north westerly winds commence you can see a nice clearing trend into the afternoon hours of sunday, and then overnight looks like we'll clear things out then eventually start to cool things down. it doesn't look to be as cool as we'll find as we get into your overnight monday, into tuesday, and then for wednesday morning. rain line likely between 8:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m., 75 by 2 on our sunday afternoon. and by 8 you can see a lot cooler than we've been slinking down through the 60s in most
10:28 pm
hold out of the north and north west. satellite data shows us again plenty of cloud cover over the eastern gulf. i'm also tracking our next system that looks to move in here by next friday. by this time next weekend, this thing's going to be on top and promises to possibly be a little bit more on the vigorous side as it moves on in, enhancing the storm threat during that time. for tonight, a look at the forecast for you, showing again under a veil of clouds and increasing rain chance. 60s for the most part into the overnight, a touch cooler into u alachua county, gainesville down to about 59. tomorrow again, clouds in place, a little warmer down to the south. kissimmee, st. cloud, lake buena vista, the theme park area closer to 80 compared to some low 70s in ocala and gainesville. the next seven days showinga cool down and a big warm up. pushing temperatures closer to 85 friday and an enhanced rain chance there at about 50%. that's your forecast.
10:29 pm
plane headed to pensacola crashes on the runway and catches fire. >> two people were killed in that plane crash friday in tampa. the federal aviation administration and national transportation safety board are both investigating. tonight we are learning more about the victims new details coming up at 1030. >> and saving you cash on the fox 35 pump patrol, you'll find it at 1.85 at citco on east cimmaron boulevard new kawanny trail and castlebury.
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``` >> right now on fox 35 news at 444444444444re learning more about a deadly plane crash in tampa. >> two people were killed friday when a twin engine cessna
10:33 pm
o'knight airport. fox's evan lambert reports. >> through social media posts and public records, the victims have been identified as lewis, and kevin corenno both of the tampa bay area. they were friends, classmates, and business partners and their loved ones are mourning them tonight. today the ntsb said it will document the accident scene, take measurements and begin to put together a preliminary cause of the crash. fire officials reported the incident yesterday around 11:30 a.m. peter o'knight airport on davis island. a cessna 340 crashed shortly after take off, killing the two people on board. they were headed to pensacola. witnesses reported hearing two planes take off around the same time. today investigates confirmed those witness accounts. >> there's evidence that there are two airplanes taking off approximately the same time. however, whether the accident occurred coincidental or as a
10:34 pm
and that's one of the reasons why we're here to start gathering all the information. >> and the airport is back open tonight. ntsb investigates say they should have a preliminary report out in 10 days. reporting in tampa, evan lambert, fox 35 news. >> developing tonight, hulk hogan's sex tape lawsuit against gawker media is not a done deal yet. the jury will return to court monday to award punitive damages in that case. friday night a jury in st. petersburg awarded hogan 115 million-dollars in the case. hogan sued gawker media for postinga video of him having sex with his former best friend's wife. hogan argued posting posting the tape online violated his privacy. gawker media plans to appeal and that could make the 115 million-dollar award awarded for hogan even smaller. appeals courts often reduce jury awards that are this large. >> developing tonight a historic trip sunday president obama is
10:35 pm
first sitting u.s. president to visit cuba in nearly 90 years. these singers will be part of the welcoming ceremony on monday. president obama is scheduled to meet with cuban president raul castro to discuss regulatory changes the u.s. has taken. then on tuesday, the president will deliver a televisioned address to the cuban people. >> a former u.s. invalley view live to cuba is dismissive of president president president obama's visit there calling it a waste if he doesn't address the cuban people. james kasin is now mayor of coral gables, florida, but he served as a u.s. invalley view live in havana in the early 2000s under then president bush. kasin hopes hopes the president's televised address to cuban people will touch on certain goals. >> he needs to be able to speak
10:36 pm
free elections, calling for more liberal economic system which will bring prosperity, because communism has never done any good for anybody, and he needs to challenge the regime, if you want to move forward with us in normalization, you've got to do it. it. then something good may come out of this. but if it's done in private, it's a waste. >> the president is expected to arrive in havana, cuba, late sunday afternoon. he will leave tuesday afternoon. stay tuned to fox 35 news for the very latest on his visit. >> when your local first responders aren't saving lives you might see them on the grid iron. some of central florida's top cop, firefighters, corrections officers and emts make up the orlando guardian, the football league, played against the roanoke rampage, a team from virginia. despite the guardians loss tonight they say it's not all about winning.
10:37 pm
community they're all grown men got a brotherhood, look out for each other on the street whether firemen or law enforcement. so it's that comradery and family-type atmosphere. >> the first responders that make up the orlando guardians play to raise money for local charities. today people in orange county got a little buzzed for a good cause. in honor of baldrick's day, an event to raise money for childhood cancers. orange county firefighters held their second annual event. today people volunteered to shave their heads to support their children who lose their hair to cancer. orange county firefighter steven kilber lost his 5-month old son to cancer in 2008. the event of course is close to his heart. >> before i lost my son, um, i thought i was a good person, i had a firefighter, a jeep wrangler, a yellow lab, i had
10:38 pm
i didn't do anything outside of my four walls to do anything for other people. it took the loss of my son to realize how much support people need out there. >> last year orlando fire rescue and orange county firefighters teamed up to - - just under 25 town dollars. organizers hope this year they were able to raise a lot more. a drone fly by in california today. >> we'll tell you about an
10:39 pm
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>> new tonight, a drone fly by in los angeles. an unmanned aerial vehicle came within 200 feet of a commercial jet near lax. >> now authorities are searching for the person piloting that drone. reports from los angeles. >> as drones are getting cheaper, there's a lot more out there and they're creating a lot more safety concerns and we saw that play out on friday at lax when a drone in a plane were flying about 5,000 feet and the drone came with b 200 feet of the plane. the near miss sparked a search by local police helicopters although they never found the drone or the operator. it's not the first time there have been issues with drones recently and commercial airliners. according to a federal study, there were more than 900 incidents nationwide
10:42 pm
one in five of those near miss happened in california where there have not only been issues at airports, but also while fighting fires over the last year. we've seen a number of incidents where fire crews have had to stop flying air tankers because of drones in the area. california seen senator diane feinstein is one of the sponsors of the consumer drone safety act, which would give the faa authority to set clear rules on drones. feinstein issue ad statement on friday that says this is one more incident that could have brought down an airliner and it's complete le unacceptable. dangers posed by reckless drone use. the problem is there's just not many federal restrictions out there right now for drones. operators do have to register their drones and they're not supposed to fly near airports or above 400 feet but we've seen that obviously they continue to do that. they could face a fine, but finding the drone and then the operator proves to be quite
10:43 pm
in los angeles, will carr, fox news. >> back at home, there's a local event today that went to the dogs, literally [ chuckle ] >> stick round for this, it's called pint for paws. and combines beer with man's best friend, his other best friend. >> welcome to the show, we got rain on weather radar. i wouldn't call it nasty, i'd call it beneficial. the arrival times, when it's out
10:44 pm
10:45 pm
10:46 pm
comes@tp_@ line. sanford people and their pets ventured out to downtown sanford for the pints and paws festival. the event brought out local craft brewer, live music, and of course great food. >> it's usually a good time because they do support a lot of different local and every time there's a really cool charity behind a beer fest, you see a lot more impact in the local community. >> let's do some tailgating. >> gina benitez made an appearance there. organizers teamed up with local pet rescues to help animals find a loving home with 100% of those proceeds representing animal
10:47 pm
too. >> you are fascinated with that jeep. >> obviously it's probably some pet owner who, you know, is controlling with the remote control but it looks - - . >> we like the dogs of sanford. >> we like to think that they're driving. >> many driving dogs of sanford. how are you tonight? >> fantastic. >> all righty, guys. here we go, downtown looking good. same shot we show you last time. the lights of the night nice right now, we've got a veil of clouds on top and rain chances are rising. good evening to you, let's take a look now, see what's going on, we've got your 60s and some low end 70s right now. beneficial rain today, yes. look at the numbers right now. three-quarter inch totals and many locales and a little bit less than others but we got that rain again helping to moisten things up. reduce the wild fire threat and slice that pollen count right in half for tomorrow. another batch of rain now gelling up over the eastern gulf. not a big deal.
10:48 pm
right now, we're not expecting anything strong, certainly nothing severe. beneficial rain drops, a lot of energy through the northern gulf now. as that swings on through, it will help to enhance that area of rain. when? look like between the hours of 1 to 3:00 a.m. things start bubbling up. as we course over into sunday, chances increase by that 2:00 a.m. hour. and may continue for some of us south of orlando into the afternoon. we'll call the day totals for tomorrow for the actual rain chance about 60%. a lot of that falling well before the noon hour. forecast modeling on that showing that batch of rain reinvigorating, i suppose you could say around 5:00 a.m. a lot of it beginning to push off the shores as the state exiting coastal volusia county. it has been a different ball game south florida with very nasty weather approaching the far tip of had southern peninsula. the rain ending in the afternoon, after that the north and north westerly wind flow
10:49 pm
moisture, end the cloudy regime and return to some good-looking week. national temperatures, what you see is what you get, salt lake at 47, 47 nashville, get 38dc and new york city now at about 45. golfing tomorrow? some wet stuff in the area pretty much all day long we'll call for isolated rain drops as we take you into the afternoon hours, north westerly winds taking over, getting rid of the rain again and getting rid of the clouds and return us to mostly sunny conditions as we get into monday and tuesday and find a much cooler and colder temperatures to kickoff the begin offing the work week with 40s starting to show up as soon as monday and tuesday morning. that's your forecast, over to you. >> thank you, jamie. in sports today. because of the threat of bad weather, they moved up the third round of the arnold palmer invitational. the early morning tee time split time. didn't do much to affect the scoring, didn't seem to affect the fans, either, they came out
10:50 pm
big day for troy merit, watching capped 5 under par, 67 with a nice birdie on 18 it would just drop tied for second place, two off the lead. also a nice round out of orlando, henrick stenson, made a nice par save on 18 on his way to two under par 70 he's tied for second. your leader, though, still jason day. did just enough saturday, 2 under par round of 70 puts in 15 under for the tournament, alone in first place with a 2-shot cushion heading into the final round sunday, trying to become just a fourth guy to go wire to wire to win the api. >> you have to leave the course knowing that you have the lead every day. you also have to sleep on it, you have to come to the course knowing that you have the lead, you know, even though you're going okay, i'm in a good position. it's a different pressure. >> when you're in contention you gotta go out and play a solid round of golf, i played a right
10:51 pm
so hopefully we're in a different position now 444444444444e from behind and play really good round tomorrow if we want to have a shot at it. >: all right, still to come the orlando pride made their debut on the pitch in a frent friendly alex - - and seemingly everyone else found the net again and again and again. stick round right now, all you're thinking about is finding quick cover, so you can continue streaming your favorite show in the great outdoors. and you don't need a dead zone further interrupting your otherwise- perfect afternoon. echo from bright house networks. eliminates dead zones, so you can stream confidently all around your home.
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>> fox 35 news is brought to you in part by the nation law firm. >> welcome back, the orlando pride made their debut saturday first-ever game as a team in melbourne taking on a very over-matched eastern florida state college safe to say alex morgan is in mid-season form already and so are the pride fans despite the rain. they sold out the titans socker complex. morgan's night, though, strong to very strong. how about four goals and an assist fittingly she also scored the first-ever goal in pride
10:55 pm
they'll play university of florida on tuesday in another friendly. strange game for the only florida team left in the ncaa tournament. miami built a 21-point lead over the 11-seed, wichita state only half. but then angel rodriguez took over later, finishing with 28 points. canes win 65-57. they advance to the sweet 16. call it a hollywood finish in southern california for nascar's xfinity race in fawn tan uh. kyle bush was in great shape to get his fourth series win. on the final lap he blew a tire. that will do it for the fox 35
10:56 pm
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>> it's about that time, we're all tired if you hadn't noticed. >> not this guy. i'm ready to go. >> he has a lot of energy. a lot of energy. >> come on, now. >> he brings that morning energy to the eve ?ung i'm drained i should be ing sleeping right now, but i'm here for you. 7-day shows us a massive cool down after a little quick burst of rain tomorrow morning, looks like 60s return for highs monday back to the 80s we go by mid f week. >> and a little cool off. >> a little bit. >> audios amigos. >> have a good night. captioning provided by: ugugh.h. i i rerealallyly s shohoululdndn't't..
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you decide 2016, the confetti is falling, but it's still not clear who should be celebrating. >> we're going to go all the way to cleveland and secure the republican nomination. >> we're going to win, win, win, and we're not stopping. >> all five claim that they are in a fight to the finish. >> we should be breaking down barriers, not building walls. >> if we stand together, there is nothing we cannot accomplish. >> a presidential race like no other. the battle for the white house wages on. >> hello and welcome to you decide 2016.


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